Renewal/ Reissue on Short validity passport- Reissue

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Renewal/ Reissue on Short validity passport- Reissue

    If you had been issued a Short Validity Passport (i.e. a passport of validity less than 10 years) apply for renewal to extend the normal validity of the existing passport. For extending the validity (renewal)

  • Application in EAP-I form.
  • 5 recent photos 51 mm * 51mm (not older than Three months, no uniform) with white background with DARK DRESS and frontal view. People with White light hair should submit photos with Light blue background. Ears, forehead to chin to be completely visible.
  • Signature should be in DARK BLACK INK and should not touch the lines of the box.
  • In the case of passports issued by other Passport Issuing Authorities – Personal Particulars Form (in Doubles with photo pasted on each of them) should bear the old passport details.
  • Personal appearance of applicant is compulsory to establish physical identity.
  • Photo ID card copy (Driving License, Emirates Id Card, Health Card, Labour Card, Election Commission card School Identity card in case of Minors...etc
  • Any Changes to be amended in the passport should be accompanied with documentary evidence.

Note: Applicant holding residence visa other than Abu Dhabi/Al Ain should produce their proof of residence in Abu Dhabi. The same can be done providing anyone of the following documents.

  • Company letter stating that he/she works in Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain branch in company letter head.
  • Tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain
  • Etisalat Bill / Gas connection Bills in Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain.
  • For Adult (36 pages booklet ) 152,
  • For Adult (60 pages jumbo booklet)192
  • BLS Service Charge - 9/-
  • Indian community welfare fund - 8/-
  • AUH Issued – 5 Working Days
  • Other PIA (Passport Issuing Authority) – 5 Working Days
  • Tatkal- 2 working days (Depending upon the clearance from the embassy)