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Passport Requirements for EOI (Abu Dhabi)

New Born Baby Photograph should be with Open Eyes Only

Following selection item lists the all passport categories that one can apply. Select your desired passport type from the list given below, to get the detailed information. 

General Information for applicants applying to EOI Abu Dhabi - 

  • Original passport need to be submitted for all kind of services.
  • All applicants should submit the application in person for identification (including minors and new born babies).
  • All applicants should submit one Photo ID while applying for any service.
  • An ordinary passport is valid for ten years from the date of issue. It may please be noted that the Passport Issuing Authority, can issue passports even for a shorter duration. If the passport is issued for a short period for any reason, it can be renewed up to a maximum period of ten years. Minors are issued passports for 5 years or up to attaining 18 years, whichever is earlier.
  • The Passport service asked for should be in the proper prescribed form accompanied with appropriate fees.  Applicants are advised to ensure that their application in the prescribed format is complete in all respects; that all columns are correctly and legibly filled up and no column is left blank or unfilled / unresponded or vaguely filled with a dash, tick, etc. All signatures in the application should be by a ballpoint pen of black. Those who cannot affix their signatures like infants, minors or illiterate should put their thumb impression in the place of signature.
  • It is an offence under the Passport Act 1967 to furnish false information in the application. Passport facilities would be denied on grounds of suppression of material information, submission of incorrect particulars, willful damage/loss of passport or for unauthorized change/tampering. The Passport can be impounded or revoked for violation of one or more of the provisions of the Passport Act.
  • It is an offence to hold more than one valid passport at a time.
  • A passport expired for more than six months should be supported by a Sworn Affidavit explaining the circumstances and the reasons for the late renewal. The Sworn Affidavit is to be signed by the applicant in the presence of the Consular Officer.
  • Emergency service for issue of passport can be availed by payment of an additional fee of Dhs.570/- under the Tatkal Scheme, in addition to the Normal fee ( adult – Dhs.285/- and minors up to 18 years of age – Dhs.190/) provided the applicant is eligible for that service.  "Validity of Passport Issued with regards to Tatkal Applications are at the sole discretion of issuing authorities at Embassy Of India, Abu Dhabi and Consulate General Of India, Dubai."
  • In respect of applications for renewal/re-issue of passports issued by Passport Issuing Authorities (PIA) in India –personal particulars form is also to be submitted.
  • Applications in respect of Abu Dhabi residents are to be accepted at Abu Dhabi/Al Ain IPAVSC.
  • Applications in respect of residents of Dubai and other Northern Emirates of UAE are to be accepted at IPAVSC other than Abu Dhabi/Al Ain.
  • The signature of the applicant should exactly fit in the prescribed column (4.5 x 1.5 cm). Please ensure that the applicant fills the surname column and the given name column correctly.
  • In the permanent address (in India) column, please complete legibly the postal address including the pin code .
  • The delivery of processed documents will be courier to the applicant at the address given at the time of submission.
  • The scale of fees for renewal and various passport related services and including all kinds of miscellaneous services on passport, are prescribed by Government of India from time to time.
  • Abu Dhabi or Al Ain applied Passport Application can convert into tatkal (Emergency ) any point of time without any prior approval from Indian Embassy.
  • All applications to be accompanied by the photocopy of the passport,(first two page, last page and the page containing the valid visa)
  • Photographs should be in color, against a white background and should be of the size 51 mm X 51 mm. The photograph should have a frontal view, with both ears and chin to forehead being visible. Eyes should be open. There should not be any distracting shadows on the face or on the background. Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but the facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of the face must be clearly shown. The expression on the face should look natural.Photographs should not be older than 6 months.
  • While submitting applications, applicant holding residence visa other than Abudhabi/Al ain should produce their proof of residence in Abudhabi. The same can be done providing anyone of the following documents.

             1. Company letter stating the he/she works in Abudhabi/Al-Ain branch in company letter head in original.

             2. Tenancy contract in Abudhabi/Al-Ain

             3. Etisalat Bill / Gas connection Bills in Abudhabi/Al-Ain.